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It was our first overseas trip together, and his first time set foot in Australia. We started in Melbourne and drive all the way up to Sydney via the Costal Drive… Where: The Brighton Beach, St. Kilda’s Pier, Ponyfish Island, Melbourne University, Eureka Skydeck The Brighton Beach First stop in Melbourne, we being the morning with a big breakfast in Higher Ground Melbourne, and move ont [...]

L A T E S T   V I D E O S

I made my own Absolut Elyx Cocktail

I made my own Absolut Elyx Cocktail It was my second time attending the Cocktail Masterclass organised by Absolut, and even more excited about it, is when Absolut Elyx is on the game. The luxurious vodka being hand crafted in copper stills, are here for us to stir up a glass of Martini, in which I've poured an extra 1/4 cap of vodka in for my own taste of preference, whops. Served with the recogni [...]

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Mother's Day special in Mr. Steak Concept There I was, a dinner tasting the other night in Mr. Steak Concept, with 4 of my other friends trying out their Mother's Day delight menu. A special shoutout for the 1 kilo St. Helen's Black Angus Beef Roast- medium rare tenderness through slow cook method and oven bake it for a crispy texture on the outside, the steak is completed with the gravy homemade [...]