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WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT PERFUME-MAKING? Invited by SOVOS Aromatherapy, I was in Conrad Hotel’s tea room, enjoying their afternoon tea and at the same time, learning the basics of creating my own natural fragrance. And here’s a bit of what I learnt: Just like composing a piece of music, there are 3 elements to comprise a perfume, described as Top notes (aka. Head notes), Middle Notes (aka. Heart n [...]


TASTED! SKY BAR SEMI-BUFFET It’s been a while since I do photo diaries. The second post of 2018, I decided to go more of it. And before I continue with my travel diaries to Australia, here’s one that possibly will make you scream for food. Calling fans of Mr Steak! The Sky Bar, who's a part of it, has launched their Semi-buf [...]


It was our first overseas trip together, and his first time set foot in Australia. We started in Melbourne and drive all the way [...]

I made my own Absolut Elyx Cocktail

I made my own Absolut Elyx Cocktail It was my second time attending the Cocktail Masterclass organised by Absolut, and even more excited about it, is when Absolut Elyx is on the game. The luxurious vodka being hand crafted in copper stills, are here for us to stir up a glass of Martini, in which I've poured an extra 1/4 cap of vodka in for my own taste [...]

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