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LEARN TO LOVE. I never know the city that I’ve been living for almost my entire life time can be this beautiful. As a girl who once asked herself “why am I not a British?” has tasted living her life outside Asia for 5 short years. Throwing all sadness away and returned home with a slightly matured heart, she has finally started to observe and learn appreciating everything she was given.

Today is the sixty-first months in celebrating the love that I brought back with me from Sydney, we did nothing much but spent the afternoon exploring one of the developing district in Hong Kong. With old buildings on one side and a modern shopping mall on the other, lies between them are piles of bamboo ready to be scaffolded. and suddenly everything seems connected. The contrast comes stronger when an eye-catchy yellow mini copper parked next to the bamboos, and it is such randomness ;  the collapse of heritage, preservation and modernity, that made me start falling in love with this city.

wearing // Print tee from Amelie Street • Marc by Marc Jacobs studded boots • Hachill OhMyGlasses shades
Photos by Herman Li – Edited by me


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