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The Queen of Punk was one of my first 5 fall-for fashion designers, ever since I started “learning” fashion a decade ago.
Going through my first lifetime extreme depression and exhaustion, my eyeliners went darker and hairstyle got more messy and spiky.
Feeling disappointed that no one understand or accepts my moves and changes on attitude,
it is Vivienne Westwood who inspired me and gave me courage to believe that it is totally fine to be a Punk, and be ourselves.

Vivienne Westwood is a breathing-legend. Laying herself into the heart of punk culture, her great desire successfully pushed the boundaries
and intermingle the punk spirit into contemporary fashion. Taken a step further, the spirit was even brought to the most whimsical couture culture.
After 2008’s ‘A Life in Fashion’ Exhibition, I was glad to step foot into Vivienne Westwood’s Exhibition and see her world through her showcased pieces.


Corresponding to the annual MET exhibition “Punk: From Chaos to Couture”,
in-store boutique-exhibition “CHAOS” are only available in Hong Kong and Japan.
From slogan based punk-ish designs, to the sophisticated couture pieces, the exhibition has walked me through the transitional-chaos Westwood created.


The VIVIENNE WESTWOOD OPUS BOOK is a giant polaroid album that holds the designer’s manifesto.
Titled “Manifesto: Active Resistance to Propaganda” , the book was authored by Vivienne Westwood, and also comes in the “ordinary” version.


The SEDITIONARY BOOTS was first created during the mid-1970s.
Originally comes in bright green canvas matching brown suede, and decorated by two brown leather straps,
this retro edition has the canvas printed with Union Jack printing.

Comes in a very limited of 16 pairs, the retro Seditionary Boots are only available at Wellington Street boutique in Central | HKD$6,230


Wtih construction looks like making out of a pillow case or a cushion cover, the ‘DO IT YOURSELF‘ Square-Tee has captured the punk DIY ethic.
The rough and simple design has recalled “independency” from the punk spirit.

Available in 2 colours (orange and brown) with a limited quantity of 50,
this t-shirt only are available in Hong Kong and Japan | HKD$1,680


The infamous urban guerrilla uniform, was actually the first piece of design sold in The Seditionaries Shop back in the late 1970s.
Often executed in class tartan with military and tribal references.


The DRAED TARTAN WALLPAPER was inspired by the wedding gown presented by Kate Moss in Westwood’s FW1993 Anglomania Collection.


This talented designer is passionate and proud of her deeply rooted  British heritage, taking deep studies on historical dresses and traditional British fabrics,
you could easily caught her designs with shadows of the 17th and 18th Century fashion :
Exaggerating the female form with padded busts and bustles, the dresses often comes in forms of asymmetrical and partially off shoulder.
Despite it’s slight exposed, Westwood’s interpretation of female independency is never about the sexiness but style and character.

IMG_5225* IMG_5232* IMG_5227* IMG_5235*

12 Propaganda Dress (1) IMG_5207* IMG_5257*

Limited edition pottery figure COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE COUTURE EDITION for Nymphenburg, with costume designed by Vivienne Westwood.


some slogan ribbons used during runway


There are many retro designs lies in the “Chaos” Exhibition.
Previously introduced the Seditionary Boots and the “squared tee”, here you have a the retro accessories
inspired by the Paper Jewellery in 2000 AW’s Gold Label Collection.
The GAINSBOROUGH COLLECTION re-demonstrates the detailed technical drawing of jewelleries,
constructed by palladium, this sophisticated collection has its strong characteristics ornamented by diamonds and sapphires.

IMG_5251* IMG_5247*

29 Palladium Visual (3) IMG_5264*

Since Westwood’s FW05 Propaganda collection to SS13 Climate Revolution, the designer has been using slogans as a media
to express her thoughts towards politics, culture, and environmental problems.
If you know Vivienne Westwood well, you must have known that slogans have been prominent through her career.

8 SS13 Climate Revolution IMG_5265*

Such a lovely and inspiring exhibition Vivienne Westwood, I wonder what chaos will you bring and surprise us next.


“CHAOS” Exhibition
6th June 2013 – 31st August 2013 | Vivienne Westwood boutique, 27-29 Wellington Street, Central | 10:30 – 20:30

Stop by and have a look if you are around Central!


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