Online shopping experience with BOOROOS

Weeks ago I was invited by BOOROOS to share and review an online shopping experience.
Instead of reviewing shops that I have experienced shopping in ,
I decided to go for something new.
Before I share with you my shopping experience, let me tell you what Booroos is about.

BOOROOS is an online shopping review website, where people can share, review and rate their favourite shopping websites.
As the market growth of online boutiques is growing, by just looking at the website and reading their terms and conditions,
it is difficult to tell which emerge online boutiques provides high quality services and which doesn’t.
To prevent shoppers experiencing a bad shopping situation,
BOOROOS act as a review platform in providing more informed online shopping decisions.

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I’m sure many of you have heard about NastyGal, in fact this is actually my first time shopping in there.
To gather the varieties for reviewing, I’ve bought 3 different pieces :
a skirt, a biker jacket, and a pair of platformed boots.
From placing order to purchasing, to receiving the parcel, the total process went very smooth.
I was first worried that shipping would take forever since Chinese New Year is approaching,
but I ended up receiving the parcel withint 5 business days after my purchased,
the shipping pace is a LOT faster than I my expectations, which is GOOD!
All 3 items that I bought fits me very well and I am really satisfied with my shopping experience in NastyGal.


The next day after I received my new goodies,
I’ve worn every pieces of it and head out for my preview events.
Click here in viewing how did I styled them onto myself.


Did BOOROOS interested you?
They are having a Valentine promotions now.
Join them and write a review in Booroos!
Cause you might have a chance in winning a 6x$100 Shopbop and The FashionHeadlines vouchers!
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