Daydream Nation goes to K11 !


Photographed by Herman J. Li @ HITORI PRODUCTION

Congratulations to DAYDREAM NATION in opening its 2nd store on Hong Kong!
After opening its flagship store at the Hong Kong Arts Centre in Wanchai,
the art-focused shopping mall K11 in Tsim Sha Tsui has became Daydream Nation’s new fashion dream world focus.


On 9th March, to celebrate the opening of its new store in K11,
Daydream Nation’s talented creative director and in the same time, artist of an indie label People Mountain People Sea Jing Wong
was invited to perform, bringing their local artist friends as a special guest,
a cross-disciplinary collaboration on music and fashion was gathered at the atrium.IMG_9040* IMG_9085*

Throughout March til mid-May, Daydream Nation will have it’s “FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD” Exhibition settled at the Atrium of K11.
Inspired by the Japanese animated film “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “Wizard of Oz”,
the exhibition has fairy tale-like pink trees, long winding yellow brick road and tilted travelling house to tell the brand’s story,
together with a small presentation of its newest spring collection.
IMG_9068* IMG_9094*

(check out my complete outfit here )IMG_9048* IMG_9081* IMG_9089* IMG_9144* IMG_9125* IMG_9114* IMG_9117* IMG_9110*


Going up the escalator next to the exhibition lies Daydream Nation’s new store (shop 3&4, Level 1, K11 Select).
The mainline 2013 Spring Collection has continue to present Daydream Nation’s chase of a dreamful world with bright neon yellow, pink and oranges.
IMG_9154* IMG_9148*

IMG_9166* IMG_9162*

IMG_9170* IMG_9157* IMG_9156*

Daydream Nation has also collaborated with Vanessa Tao in creating another 2013 Spring/Summer Collection.
Exploring “unusual” ways to play with ruffles through the mixing of different fabrics,
the dress I was holding above is my favourite.
IMG_9163* IMG_9158*

For more :
Visit Daydream Nation’s website and Facebook Page 

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