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When it comes to those jam-packed busy days, I tend to look for something that is easy to carry but looks oh so effortlessly chic.  In addition to that, being able to find all the essentials I need in a one stop shop is a total plus.  No, I’m not talking about Zara. I’m talking about the Parisian fashion label, BA&SH, which has opened its first flagship store in Asia at the IFC mall!

 At BA&SH, clothes are not just about making one beautiful.  It’s also about the pursuit of a tasteful lifestyle and of inner beauty, from which our confidence is built.  Each piece is designed to be down-to-earth, with simple structures and highlighted with intricate details.  Think an open back lace top, daring but never too sexy.  It’s all about creating minimalistic silhouettes that look good, both on a hanger and on the body, a perfect fit.  Like the crochet dresses featuring a sensual V-neckline, and boxy blazers that draw a balance between masculinity and femininity that I wore above.

And for this coming winter, the monochromatic collection is brightened up with animal and tribal prints in neutral shades of grey and brown.  There’s an element of Bohemian aesthetics in it, which brings an extra chill-out atmosphere to the collection yet keeping it luxurious in an approachable way.

Like the way I styled the BA&SH looks on me? Which is your favourite? Feel free to let me know!
Visit BA&SH Hong Kong: Shop 3085A IFC Mall, Central

Photos by Herman Li – Edited by me

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