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When the trend on one side is about fast fashion, and the other is about branding and being luxurious, it seems that vintage fashion is having their difficulty finding a position to stand on. Well, unless they are labeled with ‘Yves Saint Laurent’, ‘Chanel’, ”Christian Dior’ …etc. You get my point. But what if they are being deconstructed and reconstruct into something contemporary?

Introducing a new born fashion label, R1476, aged no more than 6 months, yet its potential has been proven by its media coverages wide spread over numerous fashion and lifestyle magazines in Hong Kong. Tailoring silhouettes in modern details such as open back, cut outs, and lace trim, yet purposely constructed with a hint of rawness by leaving the seam line ‘unseam’. So raw that you can even see the inner structure of the shoulder paddings. All constructed under high quality traditional British tailoring techniques, in which craftsmanships can hardly be found from modern tailors, but vintages. This is the part I find R1476 interesting, as the majority of their garments were originally vintage gentlemen’s suits, sourced around Europe… // READ THE REST ON STYLE BY ASIA //

R1476 Debute Collection
/ self own : 
LUZID accessories; VINTAGE CHANEL earring; LOEFFLER RANDALL satchel; H&M hat; JEFFREY CAMPBELL cut out oxfords
PHOTOGRAPHY Herman Li, EDIT Visala Wong


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